Building in Use - Environmental aspects

Environmental impact of building materials

The clay brick and roof tile industry was first in the building materials sector to provide an ecobalance of its products. Based on the life-cycle assessment of several factories in different countries, the average environmental impact of 1kg bricks was determined. Factors considered included:

The results show that clay products have a low environmental impact compared with other building materials. (see also GBC - the green building challenge handbook –> “Building materials”)

It is also possible  to determine the environmental impacts per m˛ of construction. Based on life-cycle assessments of several factories, the ecobalance of clay products (facing bricks, roofing tiles, clay blocks) has been established and the average ecological impact of one square meter of clay contruction in one year was determined. The results (see Démarche HQE) show that clay products have a low environmental impact.

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